Digital image quality is measured in PPI (Pixels per square inch). Without getting too technical, the lowest PPI that’s ideal for large format printing is 72. Meaning that the minimum pixels your image has to be for a 12 inch photo is 72 x 12 = 864 pixels wide by 864 pixels tall. The more PPI an image has, the sharper and clearer the image will appear. Our Image quality Rating System calculates the PPI of your image and gives you a rating based on the table to the right. When you upload the image it will give you the rating for the size chosen. Once you have resized and cropped your image, a new rating will appear based on your changes.

Image Quality Chart
PPI Quality
0-49 Unsuitable
50-71 Poor
72-99 Fair
100-149 Good
150-299 Excellent
300+ Perfect

When an image is blown up it loses resolution. Which results in a lower PPI. If you have an image at 300 PPI and blow it up to be 2x the size its new PPI will be 150. This image would still look excellent when printed.