Pursuant to the, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, namely Schedule 1, it is understood and consented by the Purchaser that Pixter’s policies are as follows:

  1. Accountability: Pixter has appointed an individual who is responsible to ensure compliance with the said Act and, to these herein policies, and all policy changes. The identity of the individual shall be made known to the Purchaser upon request;
  2. Pixer has procedures to protect private information, respond to complaints and inquiries, training staff about the procedures and, if requested the procedure will be explained orally to the Purchaser;
  3. Identifying Purpose: The purpose of collecting private information shall be told to the Purchaser orally beforehand.;
  4. If the purpose of the information collected has changed, Pixter shall informed the Purchaser before using the information for the new purpose;
  5. Consent: The Purchaser consents to the collection and use of the information for the intended purpose at the time the information is given by the Purchaser;
  6. The indented purpose at the time the information is collected shall be documented by Pixter;
  7. The Purchaser can withdraw consent for using private information at any time, at which point the contract maybe terminated by Pixter in whole , or in part, at the option of Pixter;
  8. Limited Collection, Limiting Use: The use of the Purchaser’s information shall be limited to the stated purpose as told to the Purchaser at the time the information was collected unless the Purchaser consents to a usage change either orally, or in writing;
  9. Detention and Destruction: Upon request of the Purchaser, information shall be destroyed otherwise it can be kept by Pixter;
  10. Accuracy: Pixter may update the information and/or ask the Purchaser for updates at any time to complete Pixter’s contractual obligations;
  11. Safeguards: Pixter shall safeguard the Purchaser’s information according to reasonable measures to ensure it is not stolen, or lost;
  12. Openness: Pixter shall make known to the Purchaser all answers to all enquiries about these policies in writing;
  13. Access: The Purchaser can at anytime have access to their information collected by Pixter upon request;
  14. Challenging Compliance: The Purchaser can ask the responsible individual about any policy issues concerning their information. Pixter shall respond within ten (10) day to compliancy inquiries; and
  15. If a policy change is made, Pixter shall inform the Purchaser in writing. The Purchaser is deemed to accept the change unless the Purchaser withdraws consent.
  16. The Purchaser consents that their information shall be given to any criminal, or civil, investigators, police authorities, or lawyers, with or without a valid warrant or court order.