Matte posters are desirable product finishes because they reduce glare. This can be beneficial for art pieces hanging in spaces with a lot of lighting.

Pixter’s custom posters are a professional and convenient way to transform photos into one-of-a-kind art. Whether you’re looking to print family portraits, vacation photos, landscapes, or your favourite photo from your own photo collection, (or even choose from our massive online library), custom printed images create lasting memories in beautiful finishes. That’s why Pixter Studio delivers vibrant, high-resolution posters using state-of-the-art printers on premium paper; we want your memories to last. Plus, we guarantee that no matter what image we print, it will always be top quality.

Our custom posters offer limitless possibilities: show off your work, share your memories, or give a uniquely personal gift. No matter what you choose to print, Pixter Studio will turn your favourite memories into lasting impressions.

Our poster prints are printed on quality poster paper with high-resolution printers to ensure a quality custom poster every time.

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